I Am the One

I Am the One Who sanctifies you, says the Lord. I Am the One Who cleanses you and empowers you and sets you aside for My purpose. I will not waste My power and anointing. I will not waste you! For you are not a castaway! You are not soiled and filthy, for your righteousness is of Me, says the LORD. What I have cleansed is clean, and what I have received is Mine, and what I have separated onto Myself is holiness onto Me. What is Mine is no longer common, ordinary or of the world, but extraordinary, empowered and positioned in My Kingdom that is without end, to do My work, according to MY purpose, for My kingdom and glory, says the LORD.

I Am the ONE who chooses, authorizes, equips, positions and commissions, says the LORD. I see your heart. I know your thoughts. I have discerned it, and I will use you for My glory. For what I do is good, and what I do is powerful, and what I do is permanent! I make no mistakes! Those who answer My call will be chosen of Me, sent by Me, and they will obey My voice and follow Me! For I have made you a servant-child, and have received you as sharp instrument of righteousness in My hands. You will not be obscure, ignored, overlooked or refused. For I have been preparing you for purpose, and your kingdom purpose will unfold! You will not be in the closet or hidden in a box, walled in or stuck in a corner. You are My chosen ones who will bring in the harvest that is great, says the Lord.

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