I Am Your Anchor

     I Am your anchor that will hold you and give you stability at all times, regardless of the violence of the storm, says the LORD.  You need not be tossed and turned by the instability of the times that you are living in.  For I AM your security at all times, and I will not leave you without a plan or purpose. I will not abort the plans that I have for you.  I will not forget what I have already told you I would do.  For I will perform My Word and WORK and WILL in your life and the enemy will not foil MY PLANS for you.  HE cannot disrupt Me, and I will keep you from sinking from the  violent winds of adversity.  For I AM bigger than the storms, and I Am not able to be threatened by anything, says the LORD.

You are safe in Me, for I will keep you night and day, says the LORD.  I Am your director and I Am in charge of your destiny.  You are in My care, as you have given your life to Me and trusted in Me as your Lord. There is none other that can secure you. I have, I Am, and I will.  Fear is not an option, and ruination and destruction is not of ME.  I will raise you up and not let you become torn down.  For I Am your Builder and Maker.  I Am the One who is your Helper, and I will keep you in the midst of the storms, to bring you into your destiny, safely and on time, regardless of the sudden, unexpected storms, says the LORD.

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