I Am Your Peace


If you desire peace, you have come to the right place, says the Lord, for I Am your peace that goes beyond all that you understand, feel and know. I Am your peace above the storms of your life. I will bring you peace in the midst of your emotional distress. I will give you peace when nothing is peaceful around you. I will be your peace and tranquility when the enemy is threatening you and mocking you and throwing arrows at you. They cannot ruin you, reach you, penetrate you or destroy you. I will sustain you as well as the peace that I give you, says the LORD.

Be calm, for not only will I calm the storms around you that are endeavoring to take your focus away from who you are in Me, but I will calm the internal storm that is taking place in the midst of you. Hush! All is well! Your imaginations must be cast down! I did not give you a disaster plan, but a pavilion and a place of tranquility in Me. I did not come to terrorize you and cause your heart to faint for fear, but I have come to assure you that with Me you cannot fail, cannot fall and need not fear. BE QUIET! HUSH! Put your hand over your mouth in awe of My presence and power in your life and KNOW that you are being kept by My power, secured by My hands that created you, and overshadowed by Me. I Am your unimpeachable peace despite the storm, and the threatening black storm clouds will blow over and you will not be destroyed by the winds of adversity, or removed from your firm foundation in Me, says the LORD.

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