I Made You

I made you, says the LORD, and I can do something about you. I can do something with you. I can do something through you. I can do something and I can do anything, and I will. I will meet your need as you entrust your care to Me. Did you think that I made you just to abandon you? I never intended that you exist without Me. I created you for fellowship and friendship and relationship with Me, and you are very important to Me. I have made you special. You are uniquely gifted and viable in My kingdom, says the LORD.

You will not need to scream to get My attention, for I hear every the cry of your heart. I know you better than you know yourself, and I understand you. I know your need, and I have your future in My hands. Everything about you is recorded in My book and the plans that I have for you are good continually. Do not fear the unknown, for it is known to Me. Entrust Me with all of your total care. For I gave My life for you because you were valuable to Me. I will always supply all of your needs and empower you to overcome every difficulty you face and defeat the enemies that attack you on every side, because I have set My love upon you, says the LORD.

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