I Will Beautify You

I will beautify you with My glory, as you come into My presence and let Me cloak you with My Spirit, says the LORD. I will adorn you in My grace and satisfy you with My mercy. You will be fat and full of My blessings as I endow you with more than enough. It is My good pleasure to furnish a table for you in My presence, so that you can eat and drink as your enemies longingly look on, but will not partake of anything that I have prepared for you. The enemy has no access to Me, and he cannot touch you either, says the LORD.

I Am a shelter for you in every time of storm, says the LORD. I Am your sure anchor. You will not be moved. My anchor holds. You will never be tossed around by the storms, and the winds of adversity will not knock you over or destroy you. I have commanded My angels to guard you and keep you safe. They surround you and are a wall of fire about you. My glory is in the midst of you, and you will never be defeated. I Am your place of safety and I will secure you and give you everything that you need, and you will not lack any good thing, as you live in My presence and glory, says the LORD.

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