I Will Build You Up!

     Your fears are not founded upon My Word, and they are not of Me, says the Lord.  Tormenting thoughts come from the evil one who desires to disrupt your peace and cause you to tremble in doubt and unbelief.  Do not believe his lies. Do not fall for his suggestions.  For he never has anything good to say about you. He has nothing but darkness and defeat to offer.  His plan is to steal your joy, rob you of your rest and keep you agitated by focusing on the cares of your life.  Cast them all upon Me and shed the fears that are disrupting your sleep and causing you to think negative thoughts that he has planted in your mind.  Let MY MIND be in you and My Word be what you medicate upon day and night.  For GOOD is MY Word all the time, says the LORD.

     I Am a GOD of construction, not destruction, says the LORD.  I will build you up, not tear you down.  I Am your peace!  I Am your song in the night, and I will give you rest, as you relinquish the down-grading and disabling thoughts of the enemy.  Put him in his place as you stand, firm in Me.  For My Word tends to life. My Word is a healing Word.  My Word brings release from bondage, and My Word will work for for you.  Let your mind be at ease this day, as you choose to believe and trust in My infallible WORD, and dwell in the Light of My presence and glory, away from the gloom and darkness that the enemy desires to infiltrate into your life.  For as you walk in Me, you will be walking in the light, and you will not be depressed. You will not be down trodden. You will be lively in hope, your path will be bright, and your heart will be free from all care, as you trust in Me, says the LORD.

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