Increase My Blessings

I will increase My blessings upon you, and you will not be diminished, says the LORD. I will be your stability, because you have trusted in Me. I Am your source of all good things and you will not be a beggar. I have given you My Name and My SPIRIT is in you. You are not impoverished, but empowered. You are not without a remedy, for I Am your wisdom and counselor. I have the solutions for you that will work as you ask of ME. I will give you wisdom and understanding and you will know what to do, says the LORD.

My wisdom is unfailing as I AM, says the LORD. My counsel will never steer you wrong. For I AM not testing you. I Am not putting you in a maze so that you can lose your way or become delayed or confused. That is not My doing. It is the enemy that wants to bring confusion and distract you. But I will keep you on the path and secure your steps as I enlighten the way. You will not be void of blessings, but I will bless you and multiply you and cause you to sing the songs of the reaper because the harvest that is great. You will not glean behind the harvesters, but be a partaker in the harvest that is bountiful, and receive the rewards of your labors for Me in My kingdom, says the LORD.

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