It Is by My Spirit

It is by My SPIRIT in you, says the LORD, that you are enabled to do all things. My Spirit will lead you, will train you, will equip you, will help you, will remind you and will empower you. There is no end, even as My kingdom is without end. There is a higher place than you have come, and a greater glory than you have experienced that awaits. You will not be able to exhaust the things that I have laid up in store for you and all those who love Me, says the LORD.

You will go from grace to grace and glory to glory. I will carry you on Eagles’ wings and propel you with the winds of My Spirit that will bring you higher and speed up the pace. For the time of acceleration and ascension have come, and you will rise up and soar again. You will be refreshed in My glory and be mantled with My grace. I will expand you as well as bring you higher and I will build you up. For I considered the cost, and paid in full for your salvation by My complete and finished work on the cross and MY shed blood for you. I have fully prepared the way for you, and have become your continual supply. You will not want or lack any good thing, for there is nothing missing that you need and desire. As you have trusted in Me, you will never fail, and I will promote you in My presence and adorn you with My goodness and mercy, and fulfill you completely, so that you will have exceeding, great joy, says the LORD.

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