Joyful Sound

Let a joyful sound come out of your mouth, says the LORD. Shout for joy! I will pour out the oil of My joy to you, and you will be glad. Let there be a sound coming out of your mouth of exceeding, great joy, says the LORD, for I want you to be joyful in Me. Clap your hands and laugh! Enjoy your fellowship with Me and take pleasure in what I have prepared for you on the table in My presence. Just come and dine, and become fat and full of My glory, says the LORD.

Cast off the garments of depression and mourning, says the LORD. It is time for you to wear the garment of praise that I have given you. For the days of your mourning are ended. Remove the dark vail and see the brightness of My glory. Rejoice in ME. For I have come to lift you, to envelop you with My love and to elevate you in My presence. UP, UP and away, says the LORD. Get up on your feet. Get ready to dance! Come up higher, says the LORD. It is a new day, and light has come. Walk in it. For I have given you unspeakable joy for your sorrow, and I desire you to excel in worship of Me who does great things for you, says the LORD.

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