Keep Pouring Out

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Keep pouring out as a conduit of My Spirit and glory, and I will keep pouring into you, says the LORD. For you will pour into empty vessels the oil of My Spirit. As you do, it will flow like a river into you and out of you will spring forth the rivers of life. My power was meant to flow, and My Spirit is a spring that must burst out of you. My Spirit in you is not to become just a reservoir that becomes stagnant, but a well-spring that flows out of you, and brings life all around you, says the LORD.

Let Me pour our My SPIRIT into you for the purpose of power to pour out into others, says the LORD. The oil of My joy is not to be kept inside of you, but to erupt out of you. The fire of My Spirit is not to be trapped within, but to set you ablaze with My glory. It is to become an attraction, as moths are attracted to light and fire. I will baptize you in My Spirit and My fire and My glory will be seen on you, and My light will be in you and upon you as you release it from you. My Spirit will burn within you, and I will give you My Holy fire. I will make you a spectacle as the burning bush that My servant Moses turned aside to see, and My WORD that is a fire will proceed out of your mouth, says the LORD.

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25 Responses to Keep Pouring Out

  1. Wow!!!! Glory to God 💚

  2. Amen! Thank you Abbah father.

  3. Big, Big Big WOW this so amazing Lord for your living water’s of your Holy Spirit in me and every believer your for Joy and sending baptism on us with fire of your Holy Spirit right now! We are healed by your stripes by blood of Jesus Christ! We thank you Lord for vessels being refreshed and completely filed with your Holy living waters overflowing with laughter and defeat the evil! Thank you Lord

  4. Hallelujah! Amen! Thank You My Lord!

  5. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for standing by ,enabling me to do as The Mighty Heavenly Father God, and His Gracious Son Jesus wish at all times !!! Amen

  6. It is well with my soul. Halleluiah.


  8. Hallelujah Praise the Lord

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