Keeping You Safe

As the sun has risen each new day, I have faithfully sustained you through the night and kept you safe, says the LORD. Awake to My new compassion and mercy that I have released to you this new day. Arise in renewed strength and arm yourself in Me as you face the challenges that are before you this day. I Am with you to give you good success as you hold onto My unfailing hand and trust in My Word that Works always. Trust that you are ready, for I am with you, and I have equipped you for the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown, the familiar and the unfamiliar. For I Am way ahead of you to prepare the way, order your steps, and I will walk with you and guide you continually, says the LORD.

Nothing takes Me by surprise, and nothing is hidden from Me. I Am the all-seeing, all-knowing, all-wise GOD of your salvation. I have prepared you fro everything this day, and you will know that I have you in the palm of hand. You will not need to fear or think failure. Be encouraged, says the Lord. For as I was with you in the past, and brought you into a new day, I AM with you now and forever. I Am your sufficiency and source of strength, and you will go from strength, and grace to grace, and glory to glory, says the LORD.

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