Lift up Your Eyes

Lift up your eyes and see differently, says the Lord. See what is above your circumstances, above the storm clouds, above the impossible mountains and above the highest walls. For I Am above all. See Me, for there is nothing too big for Me, nothing beyond My control and nothing to difficult for Me. Do not let your situations dictate to you. They will come and go, but I remain faithful and true to you at all times, says the LORD.

I was with you in all of your yesterdays. I Am with you today, and I will be with you tomorrow and always, says the LORD. I will not leave you helpless and without an answer to your difficulties. I will be with you in all your troubles to bring you out of them. Look up and lift up your hands that hang down in defeat and surrender to the negative voice of the enemy that is vying for your attention. Trust that I who formed you in the womb of your mother and brought you through many trials of your faith, am able to bring you through anything that you face that the enemy has opposed you with now. You will not be defeated if you will not quit. Let your eyes see Me, the King of Glory, the Almighty GOD, your all-powerful God and trust that the time for deliverance and restoration has come for you, says the Lord.

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