Lord of the Harvest

I did not bring the blight and I did not bring the winds of adversity to spoil your field of labor and create a failed harvest, says the LORD. I Am the LORD of the harvest, and the field is Mine. I will not destroy My own work, and I will not give you seed that will not germinate and grow. My seed is life producing and I will watch over My harvest field as I pour out the former and latter rain upon it, and cause it to bud and blossom and grow and produce much fruit, says the LORD.

I will restore the years of the failed harvests, says the LORD. The seed of My Word will not return unto Me void, but it will produce life. I sent My Word, and it is alive and working. You will not be a failure to thrive, and you will not fail. For I will honor My Word. You will reap what you have sown, and the harvest is coming; the harvest is great, and you will rejoice as you join in the songs of the reapers. For your labor is not vain in Me, and you will enjoy the fruits of your labors for Me and My kingdom, says the LORD.

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