Multiplied Blessings!

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I Am about multiplication, and not division, says the LORD.  I will multiply My blessings upon you, and you will be blessed to be a blessing. I will pour out My blessings upon you and enrich you with My unspeakable glory.  You will know NO bounds, as I have liberated you so that you can serve Me in joy and gladness. I have loosed you from the chains and fetters that the enemy has bound you with, and set you free.  You are not a prisoner, and you are not a captive. You are loosed and able to move free.  Rejoice in this liberty that I have given for you, as I have ransomed you, says the LORD.

I will give you an increase of joy for your mourning, and create for you a new position in Me, says the LORD.  I do not have to fill an old one, but I will give you a NEW place of authority that I have designed for you and will cause you to fulfill.  I do not have to displace or replace anyone to set you up and use you in a new way in My kingdom.  Look forward to what I create and do, for what is new is NEW. What is old is OLD, and you will be used in a NEW WAY that I position you and create that will bring new life and liberty to many, even as I have set you free, says the LORD.



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12 Responses to Multiplied Blessings!

  1. Thank You Lord. I so needed this.

  2. Amen. Do it Lord for your glory!!!

  3. Hallelujah! Thank You My Lord! Amen!

  4. Amen, ♥️🙏🏻👍🇳🇴

  5. Been hearing this for so long… losing hope that it will ever happen.

  6. Thank You Lord, amen n amen /

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