I will multiply your blessings and not subtract from you, says the LORD.  For I do not extract from you, but add. I  will not divide you and what I have given you in order to multiply you and your substance, as some naysayers may suggest. That is not of Me.  I do not cut you in pieces so that there is more. of you.  But I will put the pieces of your life together as I heal you and mend you and restore your soul.  I will restore, revive, renew, says the LORD.

You will have abundant life and blessings untold as you have made Me your source and trusted in Me at all times, says the LORD. You will not be sorry, but you will rejoice in ME.  For your times of refreshing will come as the fresh winds of My Spirit blow upon you new life and vitality, says the LORD. I Am the author of LIFE and I Am the cause of NEW THINGS that will be created for you. I will connect the things that did not seem to fit, resurrect the missing things that the enemy destroyed and restore life in you.  You are Mine, and your faith and trust in Me will make you whole, says the LORD..

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