Multiply Joy

I have not come to multiply sorrows to you but to multiply joy, says the LORD. I have come to turn things around for you and bring you out of the darkness and issue you into My kingdom of Light. You will not be surrounded with darkness but be filled with light that puts out the darkness, says the LORD. The darkness will not overwhelm you or engulf you. It will not swallow you up or destroy you. You will be light and My kingdom will be expanded through you. The darkness cannot put out My light in you and I will set you on fire by My Spirit and you will be ablaze with My glory. The enemy will fear and run in terror of My mighty army that are baptized I’m My fire, says the LORD.

For My fire will burn in you and emit from you. You will be a raging inferno of My power, says the LORD. My fire cannot be quenched. My power cannot be out-powered. My light is greater than a laser and will radiate, permeate, empower and impact with great force. For it is faster and more powerful than lightening that cannot be controlled or stopped. My light in you will shine forth as a beacon of hope, and bring certain change. For the fire of My Spirit cannot be contained and the light of My glory will be seen on My remnant that I have called before the foundation of the earth, and they will be empowered to do great feats for Me and expand and enforce My kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, says the LORD.

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