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As you remain busy about MY BUSINESS and make Me and My Kingdom your first pursuit, My blessings will overtake you, says the LORD. I will get into your business and give you good success. Your blessings will be poured into you that will have no sorrow attached. For I do not burden you with blessings but great joy is attached to them. I want you care-free and light-hearted. I want you to rejoice in all that I give you, not be taxed. Yes, I will load you with benefits that will not lay heavy on your heart and life. You will enjoy what I give you and not lament. For the things that I have you far exceed material goods. I will supply all your need and give you unspeakable gifts of My SPIRIT, says the LORD.

With great joy you will draw out of the wells of My salvation and I will give you a new sound as you sing unto Me in sounds of heaven you did not hear before, says the LORD. You will speak a new language: My language, as I put My Words in your mouth and you proclaim them boldly. My Word is a fire and I will set you on fire and you will have a tongue of fire, as My Spirit is in your mouth and My WORD on your lips. Greater works are coming for those who busy themselves about My business and I will use them for My glory and make them a spectacle of My glory that will be seen on them. They will not warm a bench as a cheerleader or spectator, but will be engaged in the works that I have reserved for them, My Holy remnant, and they will bring in a great harvest for My kingdom, says the LORD.

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