My Faithfulness to You Is Great

My faithfulness to you is great, says the LORD. Every morning you awake with My presence. My mercies are renewable each day. They are never exhausted. I Am compassionate to you and My love for you is passionate, always! My grace is inexhaustible. I watch over you night and day. You never need to despair and you never need to worry. For I Am your constant companion, and you always have My immediate attention. I Am near to you as your everlasting Father, and always hear the cry of your heart! I respond and answer you always, says the LORD.

I Am devoted to you and will adorn you with My love, says the LORD. For I always have your best interest at heart and will never turn you away. I will give you everything you need and not deny any good thing from you. The things I withhold are not good for you, says the LORD, for I know what is best. You will see. You will learn, and you will understand that what is not given is not what will benefit you. As you trust in Me at all times you will never be sorry, for the best is yet to come. I have a reserved seat at My table in My presence for you and all that I have prepared for you will not be given to another. You are special, and you are Mine, for My favor is everlasting for you, says the LORD.

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