My Gifts

My gifts that I have given you are without repentance, says the LORD. I did not give them to you to extract from you. They are not lost. They are still yours. The enemy has lied to you when he said you don’t have them any more. He cannot tell the truth, so do not listen to him. He cannot steal what I have given to you, for they are within your spirit, where he has no access. He cannot reach you, for I have sealed you in My SPIRIT and protected you with My shield, says the LORD.

That which you feel is gone is only dormant, says the LORD. Stir up the gifts that I have given you. They will again be activated as you do this. I have already called you by your name and you are mine. I have called you into My kingdom and My call is without repentance. Respond, and stir yourself up! Arise and stand. For no one can take your place in My kingdom! I have ordained you and positioned you and equipped you to do My Work. You will not need to fear that you will be devalued or demoted, eliminated or repaced. Stoke the flame in you, and rekindle the fire, for you will again become a burning lamp as you are refilled with the oil of My SPIRIT and refreshed in My power and again ignited and set ablaze with My fire and glory, says the LORD.

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