My Missions

My missions will always be accomplished, says the LORD. I never have a failed plan, and I never have any unfinished business. I do not have to start all over, EVER! For what I do is always progressive and powerful. I never abandon my work and never have an incomplete. Nothing interferes with My Work and will and plan. For I AM the Sovereign, and I Am unstoppable. I cannot be distracted or delayed. My purposes will unfold and be implemented on time, says the LORD.

My business is always what I attend to, and you are My business. You are linked with Me, says the LORD. You will be accomplished. For I have equipped you with everything that you need to succeed, and you will be a success story, says the LORD. I will perfect what concerns you, and you will be a perfect work of MY grace. My light is in you, and you will shine in My kingdom. Your light will not be put out, but it will extinguish the darkness around you. I will beautify you and clad you with the Light of My glory, and mantle you with My grace. You will not be behind in any spiritual gifts that I have freely given you as you become a conduit of My Spirit, and My light shall be seen on you, says the LORD.

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