My Word is Truth

I spoke the Word into existence and created all things by My power.  What I say is what will be done, for I will honor My Word, says the LORD.  I Am still speaking and performing My Word.  I all I do is the result of what I decree and declare.  I cannot lie and I never change My mind.  Trust that My Word concerning you is not only good, but absolute.  I cannot change and neither will My Word change. I mean what I say.  I always do exactly what I say, and there is no power that can stop me or My Word, says the LORD.
Let My Word dwell in your heart and be spoken from your own lips, says the LORD.  For as I speak, I want yoiu to speak. I believe in MY own Word.  I want you to believe also in My Word.  It shall be done accomplished fully as I have spoken, says the Lord, and you will know that there is no breach of promise in Me.

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