New Strength

As you wait on Me, I will give you new strength, says the LORD. As you trust in Me, you will have great peace. For I Am trustworthy. I Am dependable. I cannot fail, and I will not fail you. I will not leave you to fend for yourself, for I will help you as you cast all your care upon Me. I AM your burden bearer, and you do not have to carry any of them. I want you to be totally carefree. Link up with Me, and My easy yoke and light burden, says the LORD. For your rest will be complete in Me as you do.

Relinquish the controls of your life, and let Me do the steering, says the LORD. I know what is around every corner. Nothing throws me off balance, and nothing takes Me by surprise. As you hold to My unfailing hand, you will also be sure footed and never fall nor fail. For I will hold you up, and lead you continually into your destiny purpose in Me. I will never take you round and round in circles, but make the path well lit and straight before you. Do not retreat into your past, for that is your history, not your destiny. The best is ahead, and it will unfold as you take the ordered steps that I direct you to take and cling tightly onto Me, says says the LORD.

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