No one Can Harm You!

I just heard the audible voice of the LORD say, “No man, no man, no man will be able to harm you.” I never heard that in the audible voice before.

You need to fear GOD, not man. Do not concern yourself about what Man can do to you, against you, for you or with you. God is your protection, your covering, your ultimate connection, your provision, and He the living Word knows the thoughts and intent of every heart, while we know in part, prophecy in part, and we see through a glass darkly. Although we can discern through this gift, we still do not do so perfectly.

God will protect your heart. He will protect your life. He will protect everything about you, for He is your GREAT SHEPHERD. The angel of the LORD encamps around you. There is a wall of fire about you, the glory of the LORD in the midst of you. He is with you, for you, abides in you and will cover you, overshadow you, surround you, cloak you, fill you and keep you at all times. If GOD is for you, then who can be against you in comparison to HIM! HE is called alongside to help you and HE HAS, HE DOES and HE WILL! Trust in His care and KNOW that He is your shield and exceeding, great reward, and your keeper that does NOT slumber nor sleep. You are in GOOD hands when you are in the hands of GOD. Keep focus and KEEP THE FAITH!

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