I Do Not Make Any Mistakes

I do not make any mistakes, says the LORD. I did not create you by mistake, and I did not do so without thought or purpose or plan. Your destiny was sealed before you took your first breath. I knew you before you were formed in the womb of your mother. I already decreed over you. What I have called you to do and gifted you to do is not without precise purpose. I have set the plan long before you knew your left hand from your right hand and before you could take your first step. I knew your name before you could recognize it, pronounce it or write it. I know everything about you and your purpose is sealed in Me and MY Spirit, says the LORD.

You are valuable to Me. Do not call yourself useless, says the LORD. I value you. Value yourself. See Me and My seed in you, for I AM your everlasting Father. You are My everlasting child of destiny. You are My workmanship, and I have created you for MY pleasure. I take great joy in My creation, and you are a peculiar treasure onto Me. I formed you by Myself and will cause your eyes to see and your ears to hear and your heart to understand and know what your purposes are as they unfold. I will lead you, one step at a time and each one will be a step up into your position of authority that I have ascribed for your life. You will fulfill every purpose that I have decreed for your life, as you walk in your kingdom purpose and I partner with you and empower you to do the GREATER WORKS that I called you to do for My kingdom and My glory, says the LORD.

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June Reinke

Prophet Dr. June Reinke has been the Senior pastor of Prophetic Light International,Bible School and Christian Ministries, Inc. in Dade City, Florida for over 29 years.She has been a revivalist, author and has operated in the prophetic gift, including Word of Knowledge for decades.She has experienced prophetic dreams, visions for many years. Healing, deliverance and creative miracles are among the manifestations of the Spirit that have occurred in her ministry.She is also a graduate of Tyndale Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas, and earned her MA degree in counseling From Central Michigan University.The physical church, situated at 36134 Clinton Avenue, Dade City, Florida,is called Prophetic Light Gathering Place.It is not a conventional church.but led by the Holy Spirit.She does on spot ministry, prophecy, and impartation, as the Holy Spirit and Gifts of the Spirit are in operation in the meetings.Her desire is that everyone who attends has a genuine encounter with the LORD, and be forever changed.

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20 Responses to I Do Not Make Any Mistakes

  1. AMEN, YES LORD AMEN, Thank You Beloved Sister June, Agreed Received

  2. Thank you Lord for loving me and my husband and children and grandchildren and family and friends and received us as your God children here on earth as is in heaven! Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy and that your mercy is new every morning! God you are so good all the time and all the time you are good! Father Abba thank you for your son Jesus Christ who paid the penalty for our sins and died on the cross so who ever believes in him shall not perish! Wow thank you Lord for doing this you are so kind to all your children and we are so Blessed to have a Heavenly Father Lord, Abba, Daddy and his son Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit to turn to every day in our hearts, Bible praise,prayers,people etc. thank God for your goodness!

  3. Amen.Lord I am very very grateful for creating me without mistakes for iam wonderfully, fearfully and beautifully made by You my CREATOR.Thank You!

  4. Amen! Thank you Abbah father.

  5. Amen I’ve made lots of mistakes and have failed and let Jesus down but somehow you seems to take me back why is that

  6. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for life itself and your. continuous guardianship at all times !!! AMEN

  7. Lord help me to do what is needed.

  8. LIVE BY THE HOLY SPIRIT OF FAITH Dance to the musical tune of the sacred SCRIPTURES of GOD everyday of your short-lived human life. What is the essence and advantage of always reading, studying and meditating on GOD’s WORD of Truth without actually fulfilling and practicing it? Is it because you do not understand it? Unbelief, that is, lack of true serious Faith in GOD and uncleanness in your heart and mind are the cause of it! You see, one of the mistake that Christians make is to reject and forget the FATHER’s so very Effective Mighty Divine Power-Strength in fulfilling and practising His Undiluted Truth Message about CHRIST JESUS. Listen attentively: The so very Effective Mighty Divine Power-Strength of the FATHER is the HOLY SPIRIT. For by your weak human strength, you shall not truly prevail and succeed (1 Samuel 2:9)! The SPIRIT of the Divine GOD is the One who can make you to be so constant in prayer, praise, worship, thanksgiving and in the Holy Bible. He is the Living Person who can enable you to be very serious with GOD the FATHER and His things and Kingdom with a believing just heart — by daily walking in His so holy and righteous ways and Truths with GOD-consciousness. He is your true Helper from Above (His Heavenly Sanctuary) who is so ultimately able to empower you to live your life according to GOD’s WORD of Truth and Divine Will in total obedience (Psalms 20:2, 121:1-3; John 14:15-17). Let me tell you something: You have sinned when you chose to not trust in the HOLY SPIRIT of the Heavenly FATHER in and around you with all your heart. Likewise, you quench and grieve (upset; offend; sadden) Him when all areas of your life and everything about you are under your control and command (Ephesians 4:30; 1 Thessalonians 5:19-22). You have sinned when you chose your unholy and unrighteous ways, and when you live apart from GOD and prefer to go your own way in everything. For whatever does not proceed from and come through the HOLY SPIRIT of Faith is therefore sin (Romans 15:23, 1:16-17). Repent! Repent before it is too very late for you! Stop running and controlling and guiding your so very temporary human life! Let the LORD JESUS CHRIST have it all completely! True complete repentance is bringing all of you and your limited earthly life in subjection and alignment to GOD’s WORD of Truth and the Divine Will of the Glorious FATHER (Hebrews 12:9-10; Matthew 7:21-23). See! One of the things the LORD JESUS CHRIST can not endure is unbelief (unbelieving evil heart) (Hebrews 11:6). And it may lead you to fall away from Him and lose Him forever, unless you truly repent completely (Hebrews 3:12-15, 4:6-11; 1 Samuel 15:22-23)! In conclusion, a repentant quiet, humble and believing just heart can help you far in your personal and close relationship and fellowship with the FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT (1 Peter 3:4; Isaiah 66:2; Psalms 51:17). Please allow the Still Small Divine Voice of the HOLY SPIRIT in and around you to tell you your faults (mistakes; misconducts, failings; shortcomings), and let Him convict, convince, reprove, discipline and instruct you daily and constantly. If JESUS CHRIST comes today for His holy and righteous people, will you follow Him? Be prepared! PLEASE SHARE!!! PLEASE SHARE!!!

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