I Do Not Make Any Mistakes

I do not make any mistakes, says the LORD. I did not create you by mistake, and I did not do so without thought or purpose or plan. Your destiny was sealed before you took your first breath. I knew you before you were formed in the womb of your mother. I already decreed over you. What I have called you to do and gifted you to do is not without precise purpose. I have set the plan long before you knew your left hand from your right hand and before you could take your first step. I knew your name before you could recognize it, pronounce it or write it. I know everything about you and your purpose is sealed in Me and MY Spirit, says the LORD.

You are valuable to Me. Do not call yourself useless, says the LORD. I value you. Value yourself. See Me and My seed in you, for I AM your everlasting Father. You are My everlasting child of destiny. You are My workmanship, and I have created you for MY pleasure. I take great joy in My creation, and you are a peculiar treasure onto Me. I formed you by Myself and will cause your eyes to see and your ears to hear and your heart to understand and know what your purposes are as they unfold. I will lead you, one step at a time and each one will be a step up into your position of authority that I have ascribed for your life. You will fulfill every purpose that I have decreed for your life, as you walk in your kingdom purpose and I partner with you and empower you to do the GREATER WORKS that I called you to do for My kingdom and My glory, says the LORD.

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