You Do Not Need to Be in Control

You do not need to be in control, says the LORD. Hands off! Give Me the controls of not something, but everything. You need not have your hands on the controls of your ministry. Let Me maneuver people, places and things. You need not manipulate anything. I will move what I want moved and remove what is not valuable. I will move upon you and empower you to be as I Am and do what I desire. Let Me do the commanding, and follow My orders. Wait for My Word to Work and My will to be done, for as you relinquish the control of things, you will see My hand at work in your life, family, work and ministry, says the LORD.

It is all about Me and what I can accomplish through you, says the LORD. That is everything. Unburden yourself. Shake off the illegitimate voices that endeavor to push and shove you around with their orders that did not come from Me. Stretch out your hand and put it in My hand and walk with ME as I do the directing, the building and the restoring. I can. I will. I AM, say the LORD. All that you need, all that you desire to be, is in ME. I will perform the impossible, for no amount of effort on your part can create and make, transform or save. You cannot sanctify or heal. I can, and I will, as you give Me the controls and Let Me work My work in you, through you and around you. I will receive the glory, and use you to expand My kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, says the LORD.

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