Open up Your Heart

Open up your heart and life completely and fully unto Me, and let Me come in, says the LORD. Give Me access to every room and closet and open every closed door. Do not let ME be a possessor of parts of you or give Me a room to dwell in. I Am not asking for an increase in you, but desire to be the LORD of all of you. Give up the controls of your life to Me, and Let Me fully reign in you and superintend all that pertains to you. For I will do nothing in you forcefully, but I await your response to Me. I AM knocking. I Am vying for your full attention, says the LORD.

I have only good things for you, says the LORD. I have good thoughts for you. I will give you much more than you have ever desired as you allow Me to be in charge. Give me the reins of your life and take the steps that I order. For they are good steps that will bring you into your full destiny in Me. You will never be disappointed in what I order and My commands will only furnish you, fulfill you and bring you great peace and joy. You will have purpose and you will be blessed to be a blessing. For as you Make Me Lord of your life, then you will have the abundant life that I have created you to have and enjoy the benefits that I will daily load you with, says the LORD. Give Me everything, and give Me all of you, and enjoy ALL that I have for you that will astound you, and you will never lack anything that you need as you entrust your life to Me and submit to My LORDSHIP of your total life, says the LORD.

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