Ordained Your Destiny

I have ordained your destiny and ordered every step of the way for you, says the LORD. It is never delayed or confused. I have a well lit path that lies ahead of you, and I will take you by the hand and hold you up and keep you steady on the path to your personal promised land. You need not be fearful or dismayed, for I Am with you to help you and to give you success always. Nothing distracts Me or takes Me by surprise. Trust Me, says the LORD.

Trust that I am with you. Have confidence in Me and walk with Me, says the LORD. For there is no darkness in Me at all. I Am your light all the time. I Am with you always, and you never need to feel alone. For I Am your everlasting friend and partner that is faithful and trustworthy. Lean on Me and trust that I will never fail you. You will not be forgotten, and you will never falter as you make Me your trust. You will have sustained peace as you believe that I have you in the palm of My hands that created you, and your destiny in Me is sealed. You are safe and secure always in Me, says the LORD.

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