Pain of Your Past

I will make you to forget the pain of your past, says the LORD. I will heal your broken heart and wounded Spirit, and restore your soul. I will renew your hope in Me. You will not have empty, unproductive hope, and you will no longer say that your hope is deferred and your heart is sick. For your hope in Me is never empty or unproductive. Your faith and trust in Me shall be rewarded and produce what you have believed Me for and waited on Me to accomplish in your life and the lives of those you love, says the LORD.

I Am your restorer, and I will restore comforts to you, says the LORD. You have not waited on Me in vain, and you will not be disappointed. For as you think, so shall you obtain, and you will become what you think. Your thoughts upon Me will produce life in you that is abundant, peaceful, and powerful. For I am more than enough for you, and I will over-supply you. You will be blessed to be a blessing, and all who know you will witness that I Am faithful and true to you, as you have made Me your trust and waited patiently upon Me, says the LORD.

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