Priceless Gifts

I will give you priceless gifts that no amount of silver or gold or precious stones could purchase, says the LORD. I will give you what no power can give. For I AM your GOD, and the things that I have for you are unimaginable, as you make Me your pursuit. Run toward Me and follow after Me with all of your heart. For you will never be disappointed in Me. You will never be fruitless in your efforts to please Me, says the LORD. For I will give you things that you did not ask Me for, things that you never knew even existed, things that you did not hope for and things that will go far beyond your expectations, even in Me, says the LORD.

I An your exceeding, great reward, says the LORD. Those who seek ME will find ME and I will give them MORE THAN ENOUGH, for I AM EL Shaddai, the GOD of excess. I will give you what is unthinkable, unreasonable, unimaginable. For this is MY pleasure to pour out My blessings upon you that you have no room to retain. I do so that you may be a blessing to multitudes from the overflow, says the LORD. Hear Me now. For it is My good purpose and pleasure to bless My children with hidden treasures and surprise them with things that are awesome. I will provoke you to good works as I lavish My love and blessings upon you as you make Me your choice and serve Me willingly and obediently. You will be rewarded openly for your labors of love that only I saw, says the LORD, and I will give you unspeakable blessings that are beyond your greatest vision and imagination, says the LORD.

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