Promotion and Advancement

Promotion and advancement come from Me, says the LORD. As you come to Me and recognize Me as your GOD, I will recognize you as My child. Come as a child and let me elevate you in My presence. For all that I have for you begins in the unseen things of My SPIRIT. I will make Myself manifest in your life, says the LORD. For I Am mighty in power and you will see the tangible, material blessings that I will give to you, as you entrust Me with your care and believe Me for the impossible.

There is nothing that I cannot give you and nothing is past the point of possibility for Me, says the LORD. Even as Sarah of old conceived a child in her old age, I will show you that age does not mean anything to Me. It is only a number, and it does not limit My power. I will use the young that trust in Me. I will use the aged. I will move through all who are willing to be a conduit of My glory, says the LORD. I will make you an instrument of righteousness in My hands and you will do great feats for Me as you wait on Me for renewed strength. I will fill you with My power and astound you with My glory that will be seen on you. For your desire to be a vessel of honor has not been overlooked or dismissed. Your purpose will unfold and your labors for Me in My kingdom will be fruitful and rewarding, says the LORD.

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