I Am preparing you as My bride, that will be without spot, wrinkle or blemish, says the LORD.  I have cleansed you from all unrighteousness by My own blood that was shed for you.  I Am washing you in the pure stream of My Word, and baptizing you in the river of MY glory.  I AM bathing you in the oil of My Spirit that is scented and healing you of your wounds. You will be pure and holy, undefiled, powerful, and undefeated, says the LORD.

     I will give you fresh, clean, gorgeous apparel that is fitting for you, My bride, and you will be beautified and glorified by My Spirit, says the LORD.  Fine jewelry will enhance you and I will give you a jeweled crown of goldto place upon your head in preparation for My coming for you.  Your purification and preparation will be complete, and you will be ready for My return.  I Am your bridegroom, and you are My bride.  I will perfect you and you will be holiness onto Me, as you will be as a lady in waiting, in anticipation of My coming for you, says the LORD.

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