Put Your Trust In GOD!

I Am worthy of your trust, says the LORD.  When have I ever turned My back on you?  When have I ever accused you?  When did I ever abandon you?  When did I ever forsake you and leave you alone?  I have never done it, and Am not doing it now.  Your security in Me is a sure thing.  I Am your keeper, and I will abide with you night and day to keep you safe and protect and defend you.  You have never been alone.  I Am with you always, and I have not rejected you or banished you from My presence, EVER, says the LORD.

Worship Me with all of your heart and with all of your strength, and honor Me, says the LORD.  For I will honor those who honor Me.  I will remember your prayers and not forsake the cry of your heart. I will give you wisdom and counsel that is higher than any other, and you will be successful in making decisions as I guide you and enlighten the path before you and order your steps according to My will.  You will gain confidence in yourself as you learn to walk in the light that I give you and see that the steps that I order lead to prosperity that is filled with My peace, says the LORD.

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