Revival Fire

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Get ready for revival, says the LORD. Get ready for the outpouring of My Spirit and My glory. For I will pour out My fire and My glory. I will astound you with My power. I will be on display, for I Am the Almighty God in the midst of you. I will do great and might things in your midst. I will heal the sick. I will deliver the captive. I will do mighty miracles in your land. I will move in a new and fresh way by My Spirit, and My manifest presence will be in the midst of you. I will revive. I will renew. I will restore, says the LORD.

I have not forsaken My church, says the LORD. I have not forgotten you. I have heard your prayers and I have heard the cry of your heart. I have seen your tears and know your desperation. I will answer by fire, says the LORD. I will answer as I open My windows in heaven and pour out My Spirit and MY power and My fire and My glory, in the midst of you, and there will be a great shaking and awakening. I will come in power and glory show Myself to be GOD. I will move in you as well as in the midst of you, for you will not slumber nor sleep, but be awake and alert to what is about to happen as I send revival in the Land and restore life and hope in you and the land, says the LORD

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23 Responses to Revival Fire


  2. Amen and Amen!!!🙏🏽❤️❤️❤️

  3. Anointing fall on me let the power of the Holy Ghost fall on me anointing fall on me!

  4. Praise the lord. Amen.

  5. Father I receive and Believe

  6. We’re counting on it Papa Yah!!! Bring it today in Church service!!!

  7. Awesome AMEN Beloved Sister, I believe it , & know it’s TRUTH. Thank You LORD!

  8. Father Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit may we love one another, honor you in the coming days, and take great joy in the blessings you have poured out on us. And may we follow your example, and be a blessing to others in this season, for many are in great need. Amen. Thank you Jesus.

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