Seek Me and You WIll Find me

All those that seek ME shall find Me, when they search for Me with all their hearts, says the LORD. I AM not hiding, and there is none that I will refuse to receive as they search for Me. I will not cast you aside as I extend My hand of blessing to another. For you will find favor in My presence. I will hear the cry of your heart and attend onto your prayers. I will not set any limits, and nothing is off limit to you. You are precious and priceless to Me. I have purchased you by My own shed blood and broken body on the tree. You are of great value to Me, says the LORD.

Frequent My presence, says the LORD. For this is where you belong. You are not estranged from Me. I have given you access to everything that you need. Nothing is restricted from you. I will lavish you with good things and give you your highest heart’s desire as you ask of Me, and trust in My goodness for you. For you will never need to plead with Me to help you, for I Am your EVER PRESENT help in times of trouble, and I will always give you grace and favor and help as you place your trust in Me and call upon My great name, says the LORD.

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