September 17, 2017 the LORD says…. My Love is an Unquenchable FIRE!

My love is a fire, says the LORD, and many waters cannot put it out.  My love is an inferno of My glory, and My grace for you is inexhaustible.  Nothing can stop My love, and there is no power that can disrupt or interfere with My unconditional love for you.  Trust in Me, and do not be afraid.  For fear is not of Me, but the enemy, says the LORD.
Perfect love casts out all fear.  There is nothing to fear in My love for you, for it will not destroy you, but build you and edify you and lift you up, says the LORD.   It will never weaken you, but My love for you will strengthen you.  My love is not manipulative.  I love you at all times, and give you the gift of My grace that cannot change with circumstances or what others think or say, says the LORD.

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