September 19, 2017 the LORD says…. I Have Set You Free!

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I have set you free, says the LORD.  DO not accept bondage, for the chains have been broken that kept you imprisoned.  You are free to come out of the dark, obscure place and walk in the light.  I have given you light.  You need not go back into bondage and fear.  For the prison doors have been open and you are at liberty to serve Me. You are not bound, but you are free.  Walk in the liberty that I have given you and move forward, unencumbered and loosed from all fetters that once bound you, says the LORD.
You are loosed from the illegitimate authorities that have isolated you, condemned you, tormented you and kept you in bondage and fear.  They are not your God.  I Am.  They are not your director.  I Am.  They are not your dictator.  Follow the dictates of your heart, where I Am, says the LORD.  For I dwell in your heart by faith, and I will speak to you from the depths of your heart in My still, small voice that will lead you in the way I have made for you. It is the answers of peace and the way of peace.  It is the road of life, and you will have abundant live in Me as you let Me be your fear, and follow My lead.  Come out of the bondage that has kept you back, for the enemy cannot hold you down, keep you back or imprison you.  I have released you from bondage to serve Me, for you are My beloved child, and I will not have you bound, but free, says the LORD.
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31 Responses to September 19, 2017 the LORD says…. I Have Set You Free!


  2. Hallelujah all Glory to Yaweh

  3. Perfect Hallalujah out darkness into light, with his love Hallalujah! Amen.💗 thank you 40 some years hallelujah free.


  5. Big big big AMEN Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen

  6. Thank You Father! Amen!

  7. Alllllllllllleluia Yesss Amen

  8. Thank you LORD for freedom setting captive free amen!!!

  9. iam free thank you Lord Jesus Christ

  10. A NOW word! Thank you Prophet June!

  11. This is mine…been dealing with this all day

  12. Yes and Amen! Let it be in accordance to Your word in Yahusha Holy name Amen

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