Sing a New Song of Praise

Let your heart leap for joy and sing a new song of praise onto Me, says the LORD. For I Am with you to give you unspeakable joy. I desire for you to be unburdened as you relinquish every care that you have and give them to Me. Let your heart be carefree! Cast everything onto Me that is weighing you down. For I Am your burden bearer. I Am your caregiver. I Am faithful and true to you. You never have to worry or fret, for I have you in the palm of My hands and will carry you. Rejoice and be glad, says the LORD, for I Am your comforter at all times and your joy.

Let loose of the reins of your life and give Me full control and enjoy the journey with Me, says the LORD. For you are secure in Me. You are kept by Me. You are provisioned by Me and I Am your constant companion. I will give you all that you need and protect you on every side. Trust in MY love and care for you and let Me lift you by My love. You will not be let down, for I will never disappoint you. I will be your defense and shied you from the enemy. You are safe and secure in My arms that embrace you and hold you up, and your hopes in Me will be realized. Look up to me and not down, and be free of fear. For I will take care of you and bring you through the difficulties that you are facing and meet every need that you have as you completely entrust Me with your care, says the LORD.

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