Spirit of Grace

I will pour out My SPIRIT of grace upon you and cloak you with My comfort, says the LORD. For My grace for you is abundant. My love for you is unimpeachable. My power is inexhaustible and I cannot forget you. I will not turn My back upon you. I will not forsake you and you will not be ignored. As you call upon MY name, I will hear. I will answer you! I will not plug my ears or act like I am listening while I am disconnected with you or disinterested! I Am concerned about every detail of your life. I Am all about detail and am aware of every known and unknown things about you. I have numbered the hairs on your head, and you can’t even do that. You cannot know the number of cells in your body or where they are situated. You do not know the detailed function of every organ in your body. I do! I know you better than you know yourself and I watch over you with tender, loving care. You can count on My attentiveness to you, says the LORD.

I created you for a purpose. I created you for MY GLORY. I created you for fellowship and friendship with Me, not to be estranged from Me. You are valuable to Me and I gave My life for you to bring you into My presence and empower you with My SPIRIT. My life is in you and I have called you by name. You are MINE! You are clean by your trust in Me and My finished work on the cross for you. I have redeemed you with My own blood that was shed for you! I have positioned you into My family to be royalty. Your life is My business, says the LORD, and I will take care of you. Trust Me. ONLY TRUST ME. For as I laid down My life for you, and gave you eternal life, the rest of your needs are in My care. You are under My protective wings and I will provision you and take care of you in every area of your life as you entrust your total care to Me, says the LORD.

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