The harvest is coming, says the LORD.  It will not be a failed harvest or that which has been blasted by the east wind. It will not be eaten by the worms and caterpillars.  The fruit will not fall to the ground before it comes to maturity.  It will not be blighted.  The harvest will not be lost or stolen or small.  You will reap in joy who labored through the heat of the day in tears and faithfulness.  You have waited patiently for the good fruit to be ripe and ready.  Your labor will not be in vain, for you will sing the songs of the reaper as you gather the wheat into My garners, says the LORD.

     Joy comes in the morning.  Your pain will not define you.  Your problems will not destroy you.  Your purpose will not be aborted, but will be actualized, realized, fulfilled.  Get ready for more than enough, as you will not reap the seed that you have sown, but the harvest that is plenteous.  I will wipe your tears away as you shed the garment of heaviness and put on the mantle of praise.  For your voice that was heard in the depth of your sorrow, will become a voice that will echo praise and thanksgiving, as you are blessed abundantly, as a result of the fruit of your labors for Me in My kingdom that is without end, says the LORD.




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