Walk by Faith

Do not allow your feelings to dictate your walk or your destiny, says the LORD. For I never called you to respond to how you feel or how someone else feels. I told you to walk by faith in Me. Do not let the things that you see disturb you or distract you or cause you to tremble. They are fleeting and temporal. The storms will come. They will go. Sudden storms will arise and seem earth shaking to you. But they will go faster than they came at My command, says the LORD. Do not let the circumstances that you face cause you to focus on what is minor. For what are they in comparison to ME? They are nothing. I Am your everything. I Am your all. Your sources that dry up are not a problem to Me! Remember what I did for My Servant, Elijah? I sent the ravens to feed him as he sat by the brook. But when the brook dried up, the ravens stopped coming with food. Did he starve? Did he die of thirst? No! I directed him and led him toward his next provision and he was sustained throughout the long and harsh famine. You are no different than he was, for I Am no respecter of persons, says the LORD.

Dried brooks are not your destiny or your source or your supply. I AM! The desert will blossom like a rose at My command, says the LORD. I have endless resources that you do not have to see, do not have to create and do not need to know of in advance. I have prepared for you all that you need at all times, and Am your creator GOD. I create continually and need nothing but My spoken Word. Let your eyes be fixed on Me, for I have created YOU for My pleasure, for MY purpose, for My kingdom and for My glory, and I do all things perfectly well for you! I make a way where there is not way, so that you will know My power, My Love an My faithfulness. You will credit Me with that which only I can do, for I AM a GOD of miracles, signs and wonders that will never cease. I will do what no other can, and I will do it for you. Look up to Me always and do not limit ME by YOUR unbelief or the lack of faith of others. For I Am your unlimited GOD, have unlimited resources and I will do much more than you can ever ask or think or imagine as you simply trust in Me, and believe in ME and My infallible WORD, and My forever, powerful presence in your life, says the LORD.

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