Walk in My Spirit

Walk in My Spirit, says the LORD. For I have given you My wisdom, counsel and understanding. You will see and know and understand what you could not before. Just embrace it. Receive new revelation this day, as I reveal My greater glory to you. For I will show you things to come. I will share My heart with you. I will unveil My purposes and make clear My plans. My higher thoughts and ways are what I want you to have, as you come into My presence and let Me share them with you. For this is your portion in Me, says the LORD.

New levels are available for all who will come to Me, says the LORD. It is not your effort, but your obedience and response that I Am longing for. Just hear Me. Hear My call. Hear My voice that is compelling you to come closer to Me, so that you can even detect My faintest whisper and feel the breath of My Spirit on your face. I desire intimacy with you, and I long for you to come up higher in Me. Come and receive the very thing you have desired for in My presence, as I Am your source of all blessings. As you walk in My Spirit, you will see the increase of MY Glory that will not only fill your environs, but be upon you. You will have My will revealed, and it will unfold in your life as you arise and walk in My Spirit, and excel in the things of My Spirit, says the LORD.

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