I Will Do Amazing Things in Your Midst!


I have unknown power, says the LORD.   It is unsurpassed and beyond all other power put together.  I have matchless authority, and nothing is too difficult for me.  NOTHING!  I can do anything, and it is simple for me.  Look around you!  Can you count the grains of sand in one tiny ant hill?  How many sand dunes can you see and even begin to calculate how many grains of sand they contain.  I know this as well as well as that which is in the desert and that on the sea shore. I own everything, and I know infinite and insignificant details.  I can certainly take care of you.  Your problems are not a problem to Me, and your limitations do not apply to Me, says the LORD.

Know that I Am not subject to anything or anyone, and I will create new things as I please that will astound you.  I speak them into existence, and My resources are untapped and endless.  I will supply all that you need, as you shift your dependency from yourself and others onto Me, and watch Me perform miracle after miracle for you. That is Who I Am, and what I do, and I will do amazing things in your midst, as I put Myself on display as never revealed before.  You have not seen anything yet can compare to what I Am going to do, as you watch in wonderment and awe of My miraculous power, says the LORD.

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