I Will Brighten Your Life

I will brighten your life, says the LORD. My light is in you and you will be filled with renewed strength. I will restore vitality in you as you cast all your heavy burdens that you have been carrying onto Me. I will cause you to be light hearted and joyful as you do. I will dry your tears as you come into My presence and allow Me to exchange your sorrow for My unspeakable joy. I want you to shed the weights that have bogged you down and be carefree. I will refresh you and give you a new perspective and renewed hope in Me, says the LORD.

For the good of the land is before you, and unspeakable gifts have been reserved for you in My glory. You will be delighted as you discover the hidden treasures that I have for you. The days of your mourning will be over and you will walk in a new liberty. I will lift you by My love and comfort you. You will again rejoice in Me as you bask in My presence and I restore you. You will be fully satisfied with My loving kindness that I have for you and never regret that you waited upon Me. I will bless you and make you a blessing to many, says the LORD, for the time of your increase is at hand.

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