I Will Fill You With Joy and Laughter

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    I will give you fresh, new wine and intoxicate you with My Spirit, as you come and drink all that you desire, says the LORD.  For I will shake you by My mighty power and fill you with joy and laughter.  You will be care free and loosed from the bondage of fear.  My joy will fill your soul as you bask in My presence and drink, drink, drink!  Pleasure forevermore in My presence is what awaits you. Unspeakable joy is your portion.  A new song will be in your heart and I will give you bountiful peace, says the LORD.

Come and drink.  Drink.  Drink.  For the new is better than the old, and I have prepared fine wine for you of My Spirit, says the LORD.  You will be filled to overflowing and rejoice again.  You will be free of the burdens that have weighed you down as you cast then upon Me and walk in a new liberty in My Spirit that I have given you.  Come and drink, and drive away the sorrow, drive away the pain, drive away the darkness and drive away the heaviness as you are refreshed in My presence and are filled with unspeakable joy, says the LORD.


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28 Responses to I Will Fill You With Joy and Laughter

  1. Let us all desire to filled with holy spirit so that our Joy may be complete

  2. Amen, the joy of the Lord is my strength!


  4. Hallelujah ! Praise the lord. Amen.

  5. Hallelujah & Amen !!! Thank You, Lord Jesus, for your freely given. gift of GRACE through your shed blood !!!

  6. Amen Yes, Jesus I receive it I believe that it

  7. I Receive This!! I Can’t Wait Until I Get l Fully Intoxicated!!

  8. Please let me find this Father God.

  9. Hallelujah! I receive! Amen!

  10. Yes Lord I choose to bask in your Presence and drink, drink, drink

  11. More Please!!! I can’t get enough!!!

  12. OMG. Joy of the Lord is my strength. For surely I am intoxicated


  14. Amen! I receive this word! 💕

  15. Holy spirit fill me …In Jesus Christ name amen

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