I Will Fulfill My Promises to You!

 My love cannot and will not change with the times and seasons of your life, and will not be put out by the floods of the enemy that endeavor to extinguish the My Holy Spirits fire.  My love conquerors, and My love for you defeats and destroys the works of the enemy.  It will never destroy you!  Trust that what I have for you is always good, and I will not deny you ANY GOOD THING, says the LORD.

Be confident in Me, and let Me bring you comfort and joy as I embrace you and reassure you that I Am your eternal, loving Father, that will do you good all the days of your life, and you will dwell with Me forever, says the LORD, as I prepare a place for you that cannot be extracted from you or ever deteriorate or depreciate in value. You are a child of My love, and you are never forgotten by Me.  I have NOT forgotten My promises and I will fulfill you as well as everything that I have promised you, says the LORD.

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