I Will Give You Peace

Be patient and wait on Me. Trust in the steps that I order for you, says the LORD. They will always be steps of peace and they will advance you into your destiny purpose. My presence goes before you to give you peace, and you need not look back. I have your back, but your destiny is ahead. You need not worry and fret about what was or what is or what will be, for you cannot change anything, says the LORD.

I will give you perfect peace as you walk with Me, one step at a time, and you lean on me, rather than what you know, see or feel. I did not fail to keep you all the days of your life. I Am keeping you now, and will be your keeper all the days of your life as you trust in Me at all times. Then and only then will you be able to be restful, and allow Me to be your guide, as I brighten the path ahead of you that you are to take, says the LORD.


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