You Will Not Slip and Slide

You will not slip and slide, says the LORD, for I will hold you up with My own right hand, and you will not stumble and fall. I will keep you steady on you feet, as you lean on My strong arms rather than the arms of the flesh. I Am your reality, and with you always, not as an observer, but a helper. You can depend upon My faithfulness always, for it is a constant, and not a variable. It does not change, ever. I do not have to increase My power, for I Am ALL-POWERFUL. I need no approval, for I AM the Sovereign. My authority goes unchallenged, and My Word will be performed even as I have spoken, says the LORD.

Just as the enemies of Abraham of old were defeated as they were in the slime pits, you will know that the pit that the enemy dug for you will be the one he falls in, the weapons he has formed against you will turn back and pierce him, the traps that he has set for you will snare him. His devices will not work against you, but will backfire onto himself. His greatest wisdom is foolishness in My sight, and I will take him down in his pride and arrogance. For he has not defied you, but Me. He has not devised against you, but My Word. He has not challenged your authority, but Mine. For I Am a Mighty King, and I will not allow the enemy to take advantage of My people. You are My child, and you will know my ever-present faithfulness and power as you trust in My abiding presence in your life, says the LORD.

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