As you seek Me and My kingdom and My righteousness, and make that your pursuit and priority, I will give you satisfaction, says the LORD.  I will satisfy your mouth with good things.  I will satisfy the longing of your soul.  I will satisfy your indebtedness, as I teach you wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  I will illuminate the path before you and shut the door on your past that no one can open.  For what is past, is past.  Your future will be bright in Me, says the LORD.

I will not change, but I will change you, says the LORD.  Transformation is what I do.  I will transform you into a new creature in Me, as you walk in Me.  I will translate you into the light of My glory, and My glory will be seen on you.  I will cause you to transcend into new heights in Me, and position you with authority.  You will not be moved, for I will transfix you into My kingdom, and your roots will go deeper, your branches taller and wider, and you will be fruitful and prosperous in the eternal things of My Kingdom, says the LORD.



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