You Are Special to Me!

     Troubles are not My prescription for your life, says the LORD.  The enemy is the one that endeavors to burden you and load you down with the cares of this life.  He is the master of distraction and discouragement.  But He is NOT your Master.  Shake off his illegitimate mockery of you and close your eyes to what his arrogant behavior. For you need not be harassed by him, and all that he speaks is lies and accusations to belittle you and bring you into condemnation.  Move away from these diabolical and dark ways, and look up to Me.  For you will not hear negative and destructive things coming out of MY mouth, says the LORD.

I will encourage you and further you, as you place your hope and faith in Me, says the LORD.  For you are as a pearl of great price to Me, and of great value.  Do not devalue yourself, but know that you are special to Me.  You are not for sale, and I will not have you compromised.  Trust that I have only good thoughts about you, and My higher ways will elevate you, not diminish you.  I will use you for My glory and pour out My grace upon you.  You will not be overlooked.  Your blessings are coming, and you will rejoice in My goodness and mercy that will be evident in your life as you have made Me your choice, says the LORD.

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