Your Times and Seasons

Your times and seasons are in My hands that created them, says the LORD. I AM a GOD of order, and nothing is delayed or hurried. I have created the heavens and the earth, and set the sun, moon and stars in place. They are set on a path that cannot be changed. They follow the order that I have commanded without fail. The sun rises and sets at my command and does not fail to do so, regardless of the circumstances in your life. I also will put your destiny in order, says the LORD. I will not have My purposes altered or delayed. I set the pace before the foundations of the earth for your life and I will keep things in order for you, says the LORD.

Everything in your life has a season and time, says the LORD. The seasons and times will come and go. But they will be ON TIME and keep the schedule that I have authorized. They will not to follow MY command. Trust that I will order your steps. They will lead you into your destiny, on time and your times and seasons will change precisely as I have ordained for them. Trust that every season, every time has a purpose and nothing is insignificant or without reason. For what I do is always right and you will be furnished onto all good works that I have called and prepared you to do, and I will fulfill you as well as finish the good work in you that I have begun, say the LORD.

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